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The question everyone wants answered when looking to support a ministry financially is will you use the money responsibly? Our mission and promise to you is that we will use your hard earned gifts to reach people with God's message of acceptance and forgiveness through the media God directs. If your desire to see the message of God's grace, His covenant of peace, and the glory of His unconditional love reach people in the privacy of their homes over the internet and the radio and seminars around the country, we want to thank you for your generosity. I believe God has given me a voice to help people discover their identity at a heart level. As the Lord helps me articulate His truth, your support makes it all possible. The word asks "how can they hear without a preacher and how can the preachers preach unless he is sent?" Thank you once again for considering partnering with us.


A Message From Ron

Our commitment to you is:


  1. We will not use pressure tactics and promise some reward only God can provide.

  2. We will not manipulate or sensationalize to get into your pocket

  3. We pray that each person that partners with us does so out of a great sense of purpose to reach those that seem unreachable.

  4. Each month we will make available practical teaching as our thank you gift back to you and testimonies and updates of our progress in the mission you have partnered with.

  5. As we pray for your needs to be realized in the discovery of His great love for you, we know that the day will come as we stand before our Lord that we will all receive praise from Him.

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