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Meet The Staff

I am the luckiest man on the planet to have the privilege of serving our Lord Jesus and you, His beloved, with the most talented staff anyone could ask for. Marilyn and I have been in the ministry for over thirty years serving people as pastors and worship leaders. Ten years I served as a bible school instructor. In 2006 my eldest son, David, came to work with us as audio development editor and has since become our broadcast editor as well. David's wife, Bambi Marquardt, came to work with us in 2010. Austin is in charge of the graphic arts department and web site development. Bambi is in charge of partner relations, as well as many office duties. Diane Bohne currently serves on our Board of Directors. It is a privilege to serve with such talent. We are having fun and experiencing a great purpose serving Jesus as we bring His love to you and the masses of lost and searching.

Ron Marquardt

CEO of Solutions Ministries

My passion to bring real solutions to people has been a grateful journey. I started life in very humble beginnings, abandoned by mother and father, raised by a widowed grandmother, with less than a privileged lifestyle, provided by a small social security check each month. Drugs, alcohol, and all the trappings of an abusive family kept us on the run to the next nearly safe environment. Though I gave my heart to Jesus at the early age of 11, I found that what had been modeled to me as a child in my teen years was inescapable. Those years were filled with the desperate search to stop the pain and hide my fears. A party lifestyle left me only more deprived and confused. By age 19, after losing my mind for three and a half months, I had a dramatic encounter with a loving Savior. Since that time, I've dedicated my life to helping others find real solutions. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and have served as a pastor, counselor, and bible school instructor these last 30 years. My greatest passion is reaching those who are still searching for God in a confused world.

David Marquardt

Video Editor

Hey everyone! Well, my name is David and I serve Solutions Ministries in the video editing department. I am also in charge of recording and editing the audio for all the shows we produce for "Isn't It Obvious?" I started working for Solutions Ministries about five and a half years ago in 2006 before the big move to Florida. It's been an amazing and fun journey the entire time I've worked here. On a personal note, I am happily married to Bambi. Together we are raising our two children, Elijah and Alaura, who are currently 5 years old.

Marilyn Marquardt

-Actress for "Isn't It Obvious"

-Financial Department

My name is Marilyn Marquardt. I was born and raised in Idaho and am currently living in beautiful Fort Walton Beach, FL. I am blessed to be in the ministry with my high school sweetheart, Ron, and my two sons, David and Austin, and my daughter-in-law, Bambi. I am a grandmother of 5-year-old twins, Elijah and Alaura. Also, I am the bookkeeper for the ministry. The main objective of our ministry is to show the world that God is good and only good and that He loves them more than they could possibly imagine.

Diane Bohne

Board of Directors

Brandon Gage

-Social Media Manager

-Audio Engineer

Hello, I'm Brandon. I have worked with Solutions Ministries for little over a year as a Internet Marketing Consultant and Social Media Manager. Just recently I have come to work full time for Solutions Ministries as their Audio Recording and Editing Technician, in addition to an all around 'technical troubleshooter' for the office. My background and degree is actually in criminal justice, specifically cyber crime prevention. I moved from the upstate of SC, which I lived in most of my life, to the panhandle of Florida a year and a half ago. In my personal life, I enjoy watching Atlanta Braves baseball, working on cars, computers, movies, music, and have an interest in all things that pertain to racing and just going fast.

Austin Marquardt

-Graphic and Web Design

-Special Effects

-Video Editor

Well, as some of you may know, I am Ron Marquardt's youngest son. I was attending my second semester of my first year at Middle Tennessee State University when I heard of my dad's calling to move to Fort Walton Beach, FL and start a ministry of proving God's love to people in radical ways. He had been on a healing tour, later to be called the No Excuses Tour, for about a year while I was living in Tennessee. After seeing the fruit of this healing tour and hearing about my dad's plans to start something down by the beach, I was more than eager to make the move with my family and be a part of it. I now handle and am in charge of all the graphic designs you see on this site and many of the videos that David puts together, as well as creating the site itself.

Bambi Marquardt

Office Assistant / Front Desk

Hi! My name is Bambi Marquardt. I currently live in Fort Walton Beach, FL with my loving husband, David, and my beautiful 5 year-old twins Alaura and Elijah. I’m a stay-at-home mom and also the Casting Director at the ministry. I was raised Southern Baptist, and until I met The Marquardts in 2004, I did not know the first thing about being baptized in the Holy Spirit, grace, peace, or God’s unconditional love for me! The first time I experienced God, I knew that was how I wanted to feel the rest of my life. My life has never been the same since! There is nothing I love more than to get a word of knowledge while standing in line at a restaurant, or a prophetic word while pumping gas, that changes someone’s day. Blesses me as well! Sharing God’s love with a hurting world is what I love.

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