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Devil Walk

Devil Walk

Face to face with Satan
Trapped for months in a living hell on earth
Mental torment day and night
And finally...Rescued by the power of infinite love

This is the kind of story that Hollywood dreams of: an encounter with the demonic world in the best tradition of Lovecraft, Craven, and King-yet it is absolutely true

Come along for the ride as Clint Byars bares his heart and tells of the dark night when he descended into the demonic realm-and encountered Satan face-to-face. Experience with him the months of unremitting mental torment when he simply went through the motions of daily life even as he believed he was actually dead and in hell.

Discover with him the true nature of Satan and his realm: a realm built on lies and elaborate deceptions and where Satan himself is a liar and the author of lies.

Rejoice with Clint as he discovers a power greater than the lies of the devil: the power of truth; the power of the infinite love of Jesus Christ that shatters the shackles of his deception, frees him from his hell on earth and brings him for the first time into the world of those who are truly alive

You've never read a personal testimony like Devil Walk. Once you read Clint Byars incredible true story you will never look at Satan the same way again. You will understand that because of Christ there is no longer any reason to fear Satan. He is a "paper lion" and an already defeated enemy.
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    Also available for Kindle
    Includes Testimony CD
    Call 770-500-9217 or email if you are interested in discount copies for your ministry or bookstore.
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